Pet First Aid: Are You Prepared?

The Basics of Pet First Aid When it comes to the health of our pets, we can never be too vigilant. Just like with people, medical problems are unfortunately inevitable, and knowledge, preparation, and prevention are the key to proper care until the pet can see a veterinarian. Now, that being considered, there is one […]

Finding a Lost Animal: What Should You Do?

You found a lost/stray animal. What do you do? There are many reasons you may come across a lost/stray animal. No matter how vigilant pet owners are, accidents happen and animals sometimes escape their yard, home, or break free from their leash or tether. Sometimes they are just let loose or are dumped by their […]

Our 2023 Wags to Riches Sponsors!

With the return of our in person Wags to Riches event approaching, we would like to recognize all of the support and sponsorships we have received from members and companies in our community. Our Wags to Riches event would not be possible without the sponsorships we receive. In 2022, we spent close to $350,000 on […]

Lakewood Beagles Come to FAPL!

The “Lakewood Beagle” case has been a hot topic in our local animal welfare community for the last couple of weeks. For those of you who may not be familiar with the case, Lakewood PD had been receiving multiple complaints about a terrible smell/deplorable conditions at a house in Lakewood. On December 20th, after numerous […]

Say “No” to Declawing!

Article Written by staff member: Emily Gray There is a worldwide debate on whether or not declawing cats should be banned. Most people question how humane the procedure is. An Onychectomy, or the declawing procedure, is an amputation of the last bone in each toe of a cat’s paws. You may not realize how detrimental […]

Hoss: A Home for a Hound

On August 31, 2022 our humane officers went out on a call about an emaciated dog tied up outside. When they arrived they found Hoss, a bluetick Coonhound. Hoss was found in a filthy outdoor pen, literally skin and bones. The water bowl in his outdoor cage was dirty and there was no food to […]

Wags to Riches 2023

The Friendship Animal Protective League is a private, non-profit humane shelter, which has been serving the animal welfare needs of Lorain County, Ohio for 60 years. Our organization assists over seven thousand orphaned cats, dogs and other companion animals every year. We provide food, shelter, and veterinary care, offering a second chance for these companion […]

Nova’s Adoption Story

When we first got the email about Nova needing a place to go, we weren’t sure there would be a family out there for her. Her previous family was moving and unfortunately, like most families looking to surrender their animals, the place they were moving to did not allow her to go with them. Nova […]

Padawan’s Miraculous Story

Have you ever been constipated? Imagine having to hold it for five weeks! A local veterinarian reached out to us in November concerning a small puppy brought to them to be euthanized. The veterinarian had everything drawn up to put the 5 week-old pup to sleep. With only minutes of Padawan’s life left, his veterinarian […]

Shrek and Fiona: Happily Ever After

Fiona and Shrek came to Friendship Animal Protective League needing immediate Veterinary care. This brother, sister duo had been found as stray dogs. They both appeared to be around 5 months old and both of them appeared to have had broken legs. Knowing there was no time to waste, FAPL took Shrek and Fiona to […]

Pupdate: Hipless Jay Jay now has Hips!

As posted in a previous article, written by Greg Willey, you learned that Jay Jay has a special place in our hearts (Getting “Hip” at Friendship APL). He has been through a lot, being 6 months old, hobbling around without any hips, and enduring two hip replacement surgeries. But Jay Jay has had a wonderful […]

Stevie’s Adoption Story

Stevie’s story is one of resilience when the odds were stacked against his favor. A good Samaritan found Stevie as a stray kitten, all by himself, at only a few weeks old. Not knowing how to care for a kitten that young, the good Samaritan brought him to our shelter. Staff knew upon arrival that […]

Pet Insurance is the Way to Go!

    Do you remember the day that your new pet came home? You found the right animal for you or your family. You get them home, they investigate their new place; so many new smells, new sounds, and new commands. It’s the best day ever! You picked out the right toys, foods, treats, bowls, […]

Adding a New Dog to your Pack

Adding a New Dog to your Pack Are you considering adding a dog to your pack? Becoming a multi-dog household can be a very enriching experience for both you and the dogs. However, not all dogs want to share their family or space with other dogs and that’s okay. Additionally, just like people would rather […]

An Adoption Story: Maverick

Everyone loves a feel good adoption story, and that is just what we have for you below! Miracle came to our shelter on September 5th after being seized in a humane case. He was a young adult cat with beautiful long gray fur, but something wasn’t right with Miracle’s back legs. Upon further examination by […]