Hogs n’ Suds – Christmas Style

On December 18, 2016, Lake Erie Harley Davidson of Avon, Ohio held their annual Christmas party to much fanfare.  Customers of the dealership and general Harley fans showed up to enjoy in the celebration that was a good time had by all.  Lake Erie Harley Davidson was also very accommodating to the Friendship APL as […]

2016 Volunteer of the Year – “Doc” Rick Broz

It was with great pride that I was able to present “Doc” Rick Broz with the 2016 Friendship APL Volunteer of the Year plaque. His love of dogs has been a true inspiration to so many, and I have been proud to work alongside him over the past 5 years.   The plaque reads: ”Doc” […]

An Unconventional Resident

Cats and dogs are the heart and soul and FAPL’s residents.  When potential adopters walk through those front doors, it is usually to add a companion to their household that will either require a litter box or a leash, a scratching post or a Milk-Bone.  There are also the unconventional animals that come our way […]

Volunteer Feature of December 2016: Mary Lou

Starting December 2016, Friendship APL will highlight a different volunteer or staff member each month.  This month we feature none other than Mary Lou, who for many is the first person they see when they walk through our front doors.  In February, Mary Lou will reach a milestone with FAPL, an amount of time that one […]

Inmates Helping Dogs in Grafton

With all animals that come through the doors of the Friendship APL, our goal is to find them good homes.  Sometimes the situation at hand just isn’t conducive to that ideal scenario.  Take the case of canines for instance.  Like people, dogs (and cats for that matter) can have a wide range of personalities.  Some […]

Giving Thanks for the Blessings I have Received.

This is the time of year that we give thanks for all the blessings we have received. I have spent over fifteen years in animal welfare. I have come across some very bad people over the years, but for every bad person whose path has crossed mine, I have had the privilege of meeting some […]

Winterizing Our Animal Companions

Yesterday, November 19th, marked the first snow of the ’16-’17 winter season.  The wind had torn two tarps off of a train of parked shopping carts at a local store.  Snow had quickly begun falling as if someone flipped a light switch, rapidly speeding toward the earth as it pelted me in the face like […]

Hope for Six, Come Back with Seven

November 14th saw FAPL Executive Director Greg Willey take a trip down to the Richland County Dog Shelter.  A previous article mentioned the facility’s spaciousness and resulting ability to house so many stray and surrendered pooches.  At the same time it is always ideal for a dog’s stay in such a place to be as […]

Heroic Kitten Rescue with Oberlin Fire Department

On September 30th, I received a call about a kitten in a drain pipe in Oberlin. When arrived, I found the owners of the property looking into a drain right below a gutter. I could feel the steady drops of rain beginning to fall. We tried everything to get the little kitten to come to […]

The Cattery is Open!

What has been a work in progress for over a month has finally come to fruition. Friendship APL is excited to announce its newly complete room for free-roaming felines, or as we like to call it, The Cattery. First off, we owe a big thank-you to David Humphrey and Ohio Desk for donating the furniture […]

FAPL at the World Series

Game 1 of the World Series proved to be a thunderous victory for the Tribe and its fans, winning 6-0 while ace Corey Kluber fanned nine batters on the night.  In an effort to support the home team and graciously help their employees, a legion of staff members and volunteers from the Friendship APL showed up […]

Third Time’s a Charm

Just under two weeks ago, FAPL brought up five dogs from the Richland County Dog Shelter. One of the most personable of the group, Hank, has received his fair share of attention since that van ride up 71.  The second time Hank was mentioned was for an event in Avon recently at Landmark Garden & […]

The Road to Berlin

It was only a handful of days ago that another call came in from the East Holmes Veterinary Clinic in Berlin, Ohio. The good people there don’t ring us to say hi though.  A call from them is an opportunity to rescue more animals, and this situation was no different.  FAPL staffer Brianna and I […]

Upcoming Events at Friendship APL!

The Friendship APL list of Upcoming Events!   The Friendship APL is like a bee hive of sorts as there is always something good going on. While the residents are of the four-legged nature, it is the humans who frequently zip in and out accomplishing any number of tasks at hand or preparing for those […]

A Landmark Event

On October 15th, the good folks at Landmark Lawn & Garden Supply in Avon, Ohio provided space for FAPL staff and volunteers to set up shop on the warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.  Complete with a hay maze and pumpkin painting for kids, pet adoption was also on the list for grown-ups and children alike.  […]