Oscar and Adam: A “Tail” of Two Lost Weenie Dogs

  When Friendship APL got a call about two senior dachshunds that were found roaming the streets of Wayne County, we knew we had to come to the rescue. It was clear from the photos that these poor pups, one standard dachshund and one mini, had been living the “ruff” life for a while. It […]

‘Wags’ Delivers Yet Again

by Gregg Senko –  Or more aptly stated, people delivered once again. The 9th annual Wags to Riches fund raiser is the single most significant fund raiser of the year for the Friendship APL of Lorain County. This year was my second time attending so count me in as a repeat offender. There were a […]

A Family Affair

by Gregg Senko – Friendship APL is like a bee hive.  You can see a lot of activity from the outside, but that’s a mere fraction of what is actually taking place inside, and not only in the FAPL building itself, but the care and aid that goes on elsewhere for FAPL.  I recently had […]

Disasters & Pet Preparedness

by Gregg Senko – The recent damage caused by Hurricane Harvey was catastrophic. The city of Houston received about nine months of rainfall in a span of 48 hours, and as we’ve all seen from the photos and video on the news, the dry landscape turned into an aquatic one. However, while damage can be […]

September Adoption Events & Poker Run!

While the weather is still warm, you can bet we are going to make the most of it. With three events slated for September, there is still plenty of time to get out and enjoy the sun while helping out the Friendship APL.  First up will be this Saturday, September 2nd.  Stop by Crocker Park […]

It Starts with ABC

by Gregg Senko – No, this isn’t a lesson in the characters of the alphabet. On the contrary, this is about one of the friendliest helping hands that Friendship APL has received in the last year, and by ABC, I’m referring to the Avon Brewing Company. This family-owned business is still relatively new, and ironically […]

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

by Gregg Senko – I know what you’re thinking. Why is there an article on Friendship APL’s website about the 1985 post-apocalyptic action film starring Mel Gibson? Fear not! I can extinguish your flames of confusion right here. This is actually about a cat whose name is Mad Max. Well, it’s actually just Max but […]

The Case of the Cranky Cat

by Gregg Senko – Animal shelters can be fantastic places. Take FAPL for instance. Our facility has an awesome roster of staff and volunteers that go the extra mile to not only rescue animals, but also to make sure the ones we have are going to proper homes and not just anyone off the street. […]

Catch Us in August! FAPL Upcoming Events

by Gregg Senko – Bored? We’re not! Rain or shine, things are always hopping inside the Friendship Animal Protective League, and while the weather’s still great, we’ll be just as busy outside as well. Read on to find out the virtual treasure trove of events FAPL staff and volunteers will be taking part in. Whether […]

Five Places to Take Your Dog in Lorain County

by Gregg Senko – Looking for a place where your dog can run like the wind and just be him or herself for an hour? Need a groomer? How about a place to board your beloved canine while you’re away? How about a break from Milk-Bones for a more scrumptious treat for Fido? Fear not! […]

Volunteer Feature of July 2017: Hyland Software

In a change of pace from our typical Q&A volunteer features, this month focuses on not one person, but a group of people. Specifically, some of the great folks at Hyland Software in Westlake, Ohio.  Every month, a group of employees from Hyland come out to walk dogs and socialize with our cats.  In the […]

Mourning the Loss of a Pet

by Gregg Senko – It happens to all of us. It’s the worst part of having that lovable animal companion. Sure there are expenses like vet bills that can sting the pocketbook, the jaw-dropping moment when they chewed up antique furniture, but there is absolutely no comparison in having to say goodbye. What’s the best […]

Someplace Somewhat Like Home

by Cathy Belt – “We are very much an anti-shelter animal shelter.” Our Executive Director here at Friendship APL likes to frequently boast about being the most anti-shelter shelter director you would ever meet. Obviously being a shelter director himself, this bit usually gets a chuckle from those in attendance. Surely he doesn’t mean he […]

Lost Pets & the Value of Microchipping

by Gregg Senko – One of the biggest fears as a pet owner is having your pet run (or fly) away. Despite the strongest efforts of some folks to keep their animals corralled and safe indoors, sometimes, a curious cat or dog will take an opportunity to dart toward the great outdoors which aren’t always […]

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