Someplace Somewhat Like Home

by Cathy Belt – “We are very much an anti-shelter animal shelter.” Our Executive Director here at Friendship APL likes to frequently boast about being the most anti-shelter shelter director you would ever meet. Obviously being a shelter director himself, this bit usually gets a chuckle from those in attendance. Surely he doesn’t mean he […]

Lost Pets & the Value of Microchipping

by Gregg Senko – One of the biggest fears as a pet owner is having your pet run (or fly) away. Despite the strongest efforts of some folks to keep their animals corralled and safe indoors, sometimes, a curious cat or dog will take an opportunity to dart toward the great outdoors which aren’t always […]

Dogs in Hot Cars

by Gregg Senko – We hear about it every single summer. Do not leave your dogs in a hot car. Do not leave your children in a hot car. Unless you have been living under a rock, this is pretty well-established advice.  However, as the old adage goes, common sense is not so common. It […]

Pet Valu N. Ridgeville Celebrates with FAPL 1 Year Anniversary

by Gregg Senko There are a lot of unsung heroes out there who contribute in various ways to Friendship APL. One of them is the North Ridgeville location of Pet Valu. The pet supply chain has seen a national boom in business opening a number of locations around the country. The North Ridgeville location celebrated […]

Dog Licenses – The Why’s, What’s and Where

by Gregg Senko – Everyone knows what a dog license is. They’re the shiny little tags that dangle from the collars of our canine companions, right?  Sure, but they are also much more than just doggie jewelry or a mere action people follow through with “just because.”  So what is the point of a dog […]

Pets and Seniors – A Few Hours at Rose

by Gregg Senko – On May 25th, a collaborative partnership between Visiting Angels and Friendship APL was put to use as staff and volunteers of both organizations headed to pay a visit to some seniors in Avon. No, this wasn’t the class of 2017 we were connecting with, but some very excited senior citizens who […]

Fix Elyria – Adventures in Cat Trapping

by Gregg Senko – In June of 2013, a North Ridgeville woman contacted the North Ridgeville Police in hopes of finding a resolution for a feral cat and her kittens that had taken residency in her backyard. A humane officer showed up, but what took place thereafter was anything but humane. The officer proceeded to […]

Volunteer Feature of May 2017: ‘Doc’ Rick

by Gregg Senko – Accomplishments can be had in many ways at Friendship APL.  The amount of kennels or cat condos one has cleaned can be just as impressive as how many cats or dogs you took to the vet for care or how much money someone has donated.  It’s all symbiotic and they’re all […]

Brick by Brick: Remodeling FAPL

by Gregg Senko – Two years ago, FAPL underwent its first internal renovation in a number of years. What is now the streamlined-looking blue dog room and orange cat room was once a less welcoming, but functional corner of our adoption center, has since been revamped into a much more animal and human friendly space. Fast […]

Doggie Dash Makes a Big Finish

by Gregg Senko – The 3rd Annual Doggie Dash recently took place at the French Creek Reservation in Sheffield. Weather conditions weren’t the most suitable for a day spent outside, let alone to run in. The misty, drizzly day was not a runner’s best friend, which was only compounded by the unseasonably cold temperatures that […]

Local Car Dealer Helps Out in Big Way

by Gregg Senko – As a non-profit organization, Friendship APL is always open to donations. Whether it’s a dollar dropped off at the main desk or a check written at our annual Wags event, every little bit helps. The bottom line is we would not be able to continue to function without the outpouring of […]

Volunteer Feature of April 2017: Ashley

Gregg:  How did you initially get involved with Friendship APL? Ashely:  I’ve been an animal lover for life. I grew up with cats and dogs being loving members of our family. So naturally, I started working at a local animal hospital as a teenager in high school. I continued to work in animal clinics for […]

Friends of Fido…and Pluto too

by Gregg Senko Friends of Fido is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for and rescuing dogs. They run strictly off of donations and have been partnered with Friendship APL for some time now. As far as dog pounds go, Friends of Fido works exclusively with the Mahoning County Dog Pound & Adoption Center. The […]

Staff Feature of March 2017: Becca

Friendship APL is reminiscent to a bee hive at times as its workers are always in motion carrying out one task or another. Not all of these staff are always visible to the public when they walk through our doors, however. One such staff member at FAPL is Becca, who spared a few minutes of […]

Coming Attractions in March!

There are two events in the very near future regarding Friendship APL! One is geared for the entire family while the other is a fundraiser for the adults. First is the Rally to the Rescue event at Midway Mall. The event will be held this Saturday, March 11th, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and […]