A Pig Out of Place

Felines and canines are the mainstay of Friendship APL.  Obviously, we see more of them come through our doors than any other animals.  Since these are statistically the two most common pets, it makes sense.  Still, we don’t turn a blind eye to other animals in need.  There’s usually at least one rabbit staying at […]

The Petfinder Five: How One Grant Changed the Lives of Five Dogs

The Petfinder Five: How One Grant Changed the Lives of Five Dogs By Gregory Willey In November of 2016, we were informed that we were one of 25 shelters being awarded a $10,000 grant. This grant had a primary objective of saving the lives of animals that might otherwise not have had an opportunity to […]

Meet Giulio

There’s no rhyme or reason, no metrics, no measurable explanation as to the number of cats and dogs residing inside the FAPL walls at any given time. Sometimes we get an influx of dogs and people are mostly adopting cats that week. Seven days later the exact opposite happens. While it is difficult for someone […]

FAPL Director Wins Award

When someone walks through the doors of the Friendship APL, chances are they are there looking to add a new member to their family. To make that happen, there is a vast amount of work that goes on behind the scenes that the public usually isn’t aware of. That’s not really a good or bad […]

Wags to Riches 2017 – What a Night!

By now, it’s been no secret of the significantly large expenses that Friendship APL incurred in 2016 for medical procedures. Spay and neuters are common and they do add up, but as awareness of not only FAPL’s existence, but its continuous efforts to save animals gain more attention, those more serious procedures such ACL repairs […]

Staff Feature of February 2017: Denise

  While Friendship APL has a significant number of volunteers, they also have a strong staff of employees there that keep things on track and moving forward. One of those employees happens to be one of the more seasoned veterans at Friendship who has seen and done quite a lot in her time there thus […]

FAPL Offers Dog Training Classes

While it is a great thing to pair a homeless dog with a loving family, it is another to actually help that family train their new four-legged family member. There are multiple cogs in the process of getting an animal adopted.  It can start from getting them out of an unfavorable environment, but it doesn’t […]

Volunteer Feature of January 2017: Derek

FAPL has had the luxury of some very dedicated employees and volunteers on its roster over the years and 2017 is certainly no exception. Take for instance the case of Derek. The young, determined animal aficionado found his roots helping four-legged souls when he was a child, always bringing stray cats or dogs home. In […]

Wags to Riches ’17 Quickly Approaching!

Throughout the year, FAPL Director Greg Willey and company do their absolute best to rescue animals in the most unfavorable of situations. Cats hit by cars, dogs abused by cruel owners, these are just a few of the countless scenarios that bring animals to the Friendship Animal Protective League. However, before they spend a few […]

Hogs n’ Suds – Christmas Style

On December 18, 2016, Lake Erie Harley Davidson of Avon, Ohio held their annual Christmas party to much fanfare.  Customers of the dealership and general Harley fans showed up to enjoy in the celebration that was a good time had by all.  Lake Erie Harley Davidson was also very accommodating to the Friendship APL as […]

2016 Volunteer of the Year – “Doc” Rick Broz

It was with great pride that I was able to present “Doc” Rick Broz with the 2016 Friendship APL Volunteer of the Year plaque. His love of dogs has been a true inspiration to so many, and I have been proud to work alongside him over the past 5 years.   The plaque reads: ”Doc” […]

An Unconventional Resident

Cats and dogs are the heart and soul and FAPL’s residents.  When potential adopters walk through those front doors, it is usually to add a companion to their household that will either require a litter box or a leash, a scratching post or a Milk-Bone.  There are also the unconventional animals that come our way […]

Volunteer Feature of December 2016: Mary Lou

Starting December 2016, Friendship APL will highlight a different volunteer or staff member each month.  This month we feature none other than Mary Lou, who for many is the first person they see when they walk through our front doors.  In February, Mary Lou will reach a milestone with FAPL, an amount of time that one […]

Inmates Helping Dogs in Grafton

With all animals that come through the doors of the Friendship APL, our goal is to find them good homes.  Sometimes the situation at hand just isn’t conducive to that ideal scenario.  Take the case of canines for instance.  Like people, dogs (and cats for that matter) can have a wide range of personalities.  Some […]

Giving Thanks for the Blessings I have Received.

This is the time of year that we give thanks for all the blessings we have received. I have spent over fifteen years in animal welfare. I have come across some very bad people over the years, but for every bad person whose path has crossed mine, I have had the privilege of meeting some […]