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Trap Neuter Return

Thank you for inquiring about the Friendship APL Trap Neuter & Return Program.

Our TNR program is currently on hold due to the volume of calls and we are not taking any new appointments. 

If you are in need of TNR services, please see the below resources:

Mission Possible, Medina  330-952-1800

Cleveland APL   216-377-1624

PetFix, Euclid   216-732-7040

Porter Pet Hospital, North Olmstead   440-777-0888

Premier Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic, Parma  216-573-7387


The benefits of spaying, neutering and vaccinating feral cats are numerous.

We are able to

  • Decrease the size of feral cat colonies
  • Improve the lives of female cats who are over burdened with the cycle of constant pregnancy and delivery
  • Decrease stressful intact male cat behavior such as vocalization, fighting, marking and territory guarding
  • Vaccinate cats against rabies, keeping the cats and our communities healthier
  • Humanely control stray cat populations in a way that’s proven to work
  • Educate, engage and empower the residents of of local cities and of our volunteers who assist us



Friendship APL

Friendship APLWe are a private, independent, non-profit humane society founded in Elyria, Ohio. We proudly own and operate the largest animal shelter in Lorain County.

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