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No Kill Policy

No Kill Policy

Our No Kill Statement

We care about the animals, so we will not euthanize adoptable animals. We feel compassion for the animals, so we will not allow terminally sick animals to die painful deaths. We feel compassion for people and animals, so we will not release animals which we believe are dangerous. We feel compassion for animals, so we will not allow an animal to live endlessly in a cage without hope of release.

Because we care, we will all feel strongly about the decisions and will have to work very carefully to honor each other as people and to respect each other’s opinions. Because there is no one right answer, we will sometimes have to resolve conflicting principles. Because we care and because each person sees things differently, this task will be difficult and not everyone will agree with every decision.

We Accept the Following Principles:

  1. We will step in and take the place of a loving family member and attempt to do what a caring owner might do. We will take all the time necessary to evaluate the health & temperament of each animal on an individual basis.
  2. No adoptable animal shall be euthanized to make space.
  3. We will not place animals which we ourselves would not adopt and we will not move problem animals from one home to another to avoid euthanizing animals.
  4. Friendship APL will euthanize animals
    • To alleviate suffering
    • To protect people and other animals from vicious, dangerous or diseased animals
    • During an emergency or to comply with federal, state or local laws, ordinances or regulations, in compliance with an order from a federal, state or local official acting within his official capacity or in compliance with an appropriate court order.

This policy is not an unchanging truth; it is what we, who care about the animals, understand to be the right thing to do now, given what we know now and what resources are available to treat animals. We may change or improve upon this policy as society progresses, medical treatment improves or our understanding of what is right and possible changes.

We know that others may not always agree with us. We accept that honorable people of good will sometimes disagree. We hope to work with everyone who cares improving the lives of animals. We use this resolution to communicate our beliefs; we will not use it to disparage others who have come to a different conclusion.

This resolution is not the end of our journey; one step toward our dream of a no kill community. We seek to work in harmony with all who strive to achieve this dream.

Adopted by the members: October 30, 2005

Friendship APL

Friendship APLWe are a private, independent, non-profit humane society founded in Elyria, Ohio. We proudly own and operate the largest animal shelter in Lorain County.

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