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Winner Wonderland

Temperatures have dropped but the number of animals in need keeps rising!  In the past week alone, Friendship APL has had to take care of two dogs requiring tail amputations, a dog who sustained traumatic injuries to her teeth and jaw, as well as tend to the special needs of some of our senior cats

Help us make Friendship APL a “Winner Wonderland” with happy endings for all the animals in need. You, too, can be a winner! From Monday, December 6th until Friday, December 17th at 2pm, we’re holding another 50/50 raffle. The more $5 tickets you buy, the more you can win!

The winner will be announced at 4pm on Friday, December 17th LIVE on Facebook!

Thanks for Giving Raffle!


As the holidays approach, we want to be able to ensure that all our furry friends get their happily ever after.  This includes animals like Rocket, a lab puppy currently fight off the deadly parvovirus, and Gucci, a four-month-old kitten with a badly broken leg.

Rocket, waging a heroic battle against parvovirus

Gucci, a four-month-old kitten, has a broken leg that will require amputation

When animals that require extra TLC and medical care come in, we turn to YOU for help.

We want to say, “Thanks for Giving” this holiday season! But how can you give?  Why, by purchasing a $5 raffle ticket! Each ticket you buy is another chance to win $250 of lottery tickets. Who knows how much money you might win?

Our raffle runs from Friday, November 19th to 2pm on Tuesday, November 30th.  The winner will be announced LIVE on our Facebook page at 4pm on Tuesday, November 30th.


GCI-Trained Dog Adoptions

Are you familiar with Friendship APL’s prison-training program for dogs?

If there is a dog in our care that we feel needs a little bit of polish prior to adoption, we may enroll them in a 60-day obedience training program at Grafton Correctional Institute (GCI).  Led by our on-staff trainer, Don Hitchens, the inmates at GCI teach dogs how to be the best version of themselves!

Trainer Don Hitchens, working with one of FAPL’s resident dogs.

These dogs will know commands (sit, stay, down, heel and come), be socialized with other dogs and are crate-trained and housebroken. Depending on their aptitude for training, a CGI dog may know additional commands. They’re great dogs for first-time dog owners!

Would you like to add one of these dynamite dogs to your home?  If so, you’ll need to join the new GCI-Trained Dog Adoption Program!  Available GCI-Trained dogs will be posted to our website as they become available. Once you see them on our website, you can come to our shelter to meet with the dog.

If you choose to adopt a GCI-Trained Prison Trained Dog, part of the adoption involves meeting with our dog trainer, Don, to go over all of the commands your newly adopted dog knows. This typically takes place on a Friday or Saturday.

A New Day for Twilight 50/50 Raffle


A New Day for Twilight and Friends

Whether it is small, underfunded shelters that needs assistance with dangerously-ill dogs or a Good Samaritan with an injured kitten, Friendship APL steps up to offer help.  In the past two weeks alone, FAPL has assumed care for four dogs battling parvovirus, as well as a three-month-old kitten with serious eye issues.  One of those dogs suffering from parvo is Twilight, a three-month-old Lab/ pointer mix.  Twilight found herself at Euclid Animal Shelter, growing more lethargic. Once the attentive staff and volunteers there realized sweet, earnest Twilight had parvo, they put out a call for emergency aid.  Friendship APL answered that call. Twilight was transferred to West Park Animal Hospital to begin treatment.  Not a few hours later, another small, rural shelter requested aid with two other puppies, both positive for parvo.  Then there was Helen, only three-month-old and already in so much pain.  She needed to have BOTH eyes removed for a chance at a better life.  We couldn’t say no to these animals.

But now we need you to say “yes” to helping us raise funds for their care. From Monday, Sept 6th – Friday, Sept 10th at 2pm, Friendship APL will be holding another 50/50 raffle.  The more tickets you buy, the larger the amount you can win.  Raffle tickets are $5 each.

Tickets are on sale NOW!  The drawing will be held on our Facebook Live on Friday, Sept 10th at 4pm.  Winners need not be present to win. Friendship APL will create the physical tickets.

Wags to Riches Virtual Raffle

Beat the Odds 50/50 Raffle


It’s the height of summer and the animals in need are coming through our doors every day.  Since Friendship APL doesn’t have a full-time veterinarian, many of these emergency cases have to be rushed to our partner vet clinics. For parvo-positive puppies like KJ and Merida, their individual veterinary bills will easily top $1000 each.  Other animals need more intensive care, like Spicy Pepper, a four-month-old kitten with TWO broken front legs.  Only one leg is salvageable and must remain in a cast, healing enough to allow amputation of his other shattered front leg.

We want to help this sick and injured animals beat the odds… and you can help, by PLAYING the odds.  Each $5 raffle ticket you purchase will not only increase your chance of winning, it’ll increase the amount you may win!

Tickets are on sale NOW! The raffle runs from Tuesday, 8/3 until Friday, 8/13 at 2pm. The winner will be selected via a drawing on  Facebook Live at 4pm on Friday, 8/13.

Wags to Riches Virtual Raffle

Jackson’s Story

It’s the smallest animals that have the biggest hearts… and sometimes that’s more literal than you realize.

Jackson, a senior shih tzu, was found abandoned in an apartment, forced to wear the same belly band for two solid weeks.  A kind landlord made sure he had food and water but Jackson needed out.

That’s where the Humane Investigations Department at Friendship APL came in.  We were able to bring Jackson to our shelter for some badly needed TLC.  Jackson was underweight, stinky and badly matted but was as sweet as pie!  We thought his luck was changing for the better.

Then Jackson was attacked by another dog.  He sustained multiple puncture wounds and was rushed to the emergency vet for an evaluation.  Fortunately, Jackson only sustained minor fractures to two of his toes. But the x-rays revealed something more alarming.

Jackson’s heart was as big literally as it was figuratively!  You could feel the solid thumping of every heartbeat in his pigeon chest. His heart was so large, in fact, that it was causing collapsing trachea.  Jackson was prescribed multiple pills to assuage the symptoms of his enlarged heart and placed in a foster home to recuperate.

Snaggle-toothed Jackson become Friendship APL’s unofficial mascot, since his foster mom was an employee. This meant Jackson came to hang out in the offices every day.  The resilience and forgiveness packed into his shaggy, seven pound body impressed us all. Jackson didn’t care about his past. All he cared about was tricking you into sitting down so he could fall asleep in your lap and mastering his puppy-dog eyes so he had a steady supply of yummy treats.

Jackson in his original, charmingly disheveled state.

As it turns out, our volunteers couldn’t help falling love with Jackson too.  Not one but TWO volunteers had the pleasure of bringing Jackson home and showering him with love.  We’re delighted to report one of those volunteers made his stay a permanent one.

Cat Scratch-Off Fever: a Lotto Raffle to Benefit Ditto & Friends






The temperature’s climbing and Friendship APL has a fever: Cat Scratch-Off Fever!  Starting Thursday, July 15th and continuing until 2pm on Friday, July 23rd, Friendship APL will be selling $5 tickets for a chance to win $250 of scratch-off lottery tickets!  The proceeds from this raffle will help cover the medical costs of some of our recent furry friends in need.

Over the past few weeks, Friendship APL has been asked to help some critically injured animals; animals like Ditto, a tiny orange tabby. He currently is fighting for his life at a partner vet. He was so ravaged by fleas that he is anemic. His weakened body is simultaneously battling a raging infection from his badly broken leg.  We’re not sure if Ditto will make it, but he deserves the best chance we can give him.

Aretha is another teensy kitten who was brought to Friendship APL with a crushed leg and subsequent infection.  Her leg was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated.  Aretha is still at the vet recovering from her surgery.

We’re helping dogs in need too.  Corey, a young bully breed puppy, was diagnosed with the life-threatening parvovirus.  His veterinary bill is extensive but thanks to that expert vet care, he’s been able to start his recovery in a loving foster home.

Every day, Friendship APL receives requests to help animals like Ditto, Aretha and Corey.  We want to keep offering care to those animals in distress and we can’t do that without your help.  Please consider purchasing a $5 raffle ticket to benefit our animals in need.

Kitten Foster




We need your help!

Do you or your family want to get involved this summer? Friendship APL is in dire need of foster homes for kittens.  We need fosters willing to open their homes to:

  • Pregnant mama cats about to give birth
  • Nursing mamas and their kittens
  • Kittens that are too young/ small to be fixed
  • Kittens that need a place to get healthy

Friendship APL provides the access to vet care and supplies (food, litter, medication, litter boxes, toys, blankets).  All you need to provide is the care, space and love!

To help out, please complete the foster program application. Responses are automatically emailed to our foster program, who will then reach out to applicants.

You set your own limits and decide what you’re comfortable fostering. Questions can be directed to

Nebula’s story



On a cold day in February 2021, a good Samaritan brought a bedraggled, injured seven-month-old kitten to Friendship APL. The kitten, later named Nebula, was dragging a previously injured back leg and struggling to breathe.  In fact, the kitten needed to be nebulized almost immediately to ease her congestion. (This was actually the inspiration for her name!)

Nebula was transferred to West Park Animal Hospital for further evaluation and TLC.  There, she recovered from a severe upper respiratory infection and had her leg amputated. In spite of her injuries, Nebula retained a sweet demeanor.  Her resilience was inspirational.

This loving lady was placed in an equally loving foster home to finish recuperating.  Nebula was much spoiled and beloved by her foster home. In time, Nebula was able to come back to the shelter for a chance at her forever home.  After an almost two month journey, Nebula was lucky enough to find her person!


Friendship APL Lotto Basket Raffle

Take a chance. Help an animal!  Every day, Friendship APL receives requests to help injured animals in need.  Some animals need more TLC than others, like Bumper.  Bumper was running at large when he was hit by a car. His injuries included a shattered pelvis, nerve damage to his front left leg and a wound to his forehead.  Bumper’s medical bills were substantial and he’s not out of the woods yet.  This gentle giant has another month of rest and rehabilitation ahead of him.

And this is just one dog.

We want to keep helping the animals that need us and we can’t do it without your support.

From Saturday, April 10th through Friday, April 23rd at 2pm, Friendship APL will be selling raffle tickets for a $250 Lotto Ticket basket! Tickets are only $5. The more tickets you buy, the more chances to win!  Winners will be announced Friday, April 23rd at 4pm via Facebook Live.


Friendship APL Pet Food Bank

The Friendship Animal Protective League will be holding a monthly pet pantry to provide dry dog and cat food to Lorain County residents in need.  The pet pantry hours will be from 1:00- 3:00pm.

The pantry will be held in the garage of Friendship APL (8303 Murray Ridge Rd, Elyria, OH 44035.) Patrons must wear masks and practice social distancing.  Friendship APL asks that patrons of the pet pantry fill out a form with their information and their pet’s information at the time of arrival.

The pet pantry will be held the second Saturday of every month.  Friendship APL hopes this pet pantry will further our ongoing mission to service the needs of our community and their pets. Please consider donating to the Friendship Animal Protective League to help fund future services. Donations can be made online at More information about future pet pantries can also be found on our website.

Upcoming Pantry Dates for 2022:

February 12th

March 12th

April 9th

May 14th

June 11th

July 9th

August 13th

For any additional information please email or call 440-322-4321 ext. 229

Weekend Retreat Raffle

Thursday, March 18th – Friday, March 26th at 2pm

Looking for an excuse to get away? Friendship APL is raffling off a weekend stay at a luxe home in Western New York, along the Chautauqua wine trail. The winner of this prize will enjoy 3 days in an amazing 5 bedroom home with spectacular views, 1.5 kitchens, and 3 full baths. Visitors can enjoy hiking, casinos, thoroughbred racing, or the many nearby wineries and microbreweries.  The home is only minutes from I-90 and located about half way between Erie, Pa and Fredonia, NY.  You can enjoy the beaches at Presque Isle State Park, Splash Lagoon, Chautauqua and Findley Lakes, and Peak N’ Peak during your stay. The winner will be able to reserve this wonderful retreat for an available weekend in 2021 or in 2022. (Reservations for this popular location do book quickly.) This amazing retreat is valued at over $750!

Raffle tickets for this exclusive prize package are only $5. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win!

This special getaway was generously donated by a FAPL supporter.

Tickets go on sale starting Thursday, March 18th and continue until Friday, March 26th at 2pm. Winners will be announced Friday, March 26th at 4pm live on our Facebook page!

To see more info about this home and area attractions, visit

Friendship APL Art Auction

@friendshipaplPuppy painting at Friendship Animal APL🐾🐶 #fyp #foryou #adoptdontshop #adopt #friendshipanimalapl

♬ Who Let The Dogs Out Remix – Tik Tok

On January 20, 2021, the humane officers at Friendship APL seized over 50 animals, many of whom were in dire straits.  Our staff spent that night, and many nights afterward, rushing litter after litter to area clinics for emergency medical treatment. Some of the puppies were so sick with parvovirus that, despite our best efforts, they did not survive.

After much hard work and the efforts of our staff, volunteers and the staff at Northview Animal Clinic, Porter Pet Hospital, Bretton Ridge and West Park Animal Hospitals, these dogs were able to get a second chance at life.  Before we sent them off to their forever homes, we had a painting party to express the wiggly joy embodied by each recovered puppy and mama dog.

You have a chance to own a part of their legacy AND support Friendship APL so we can continue to help animals in need.



Browns Prize Package

The Browns season may be over but you can still celebrate the team’s amazing season AND help animals at the same time!

Friendship APL will be raffling off a special Browns package, which includes SIGNED Kareem Hunt and Rashard Higgins jerseys, a Riddell Browns mini-helmet and a limited edition 3ft-tall Baker Mayfield bobblehead! (Only six of them were produced and you can get your hands on one of them!) The jerseys do includes certificates of authenticity.

Raffle tickets for this exclusive prize package are only $5. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win!

The Browns items were generously donated by FAPL supporters.

Tickets go on sale starting Thursday, January 28th and sales continue until Friday, February 5th at 2pm. Winners will be announced Friday, Feb 5th at 4pm.

Wags to Riches Virtual Raffle