Volunteer Feature of December 2016: Mary Lou

Starting December 2016, Friendship APL will highlight a different volunteer or staff member each month.  This month we feature none other than Mary Lou, who for many is the first person they see when they walk through our front doors.  In February, Mary Lou will reach a milestone with FAPL, an amount of time that one should certainly be proud of.  Her duties are varied and her work ethic is a determined one.


Gregg:  How long have you volunteered at FAPL?

Mary Lou:  Six, almost seven years!  It’ll be seven in February.


Gregg:  What do your duties include?

Mary Lou:  I work at the front desk, so I take care of a lot of duties up there including answering the phones, answering questions about the animals, making sure people are satisfied with their answers, and assisting with adoptions.


Gregg:  Do you help out outside of the shelter?

Mary Lou:  Yes, I foster kittens.


Gregg:  Oh that’s awesome!  How long do you usually care for them?

Mary Lou:  I take in the kittens that are too young to be spayed or neutered.  Typically, these kittens are under 2 lbs. and less than 3 months old and are too little to be at the shelter.


Gregg:  What is one of the most rewarding experiences volunteering at the shelter?

Mary Lou:  Fostering the kittens, though it is always tough bringing them back to the shelter once they are ready for adoption.


Gregg:  Can you think of what one of the biggest changes has been since you started volunteering here?

Mary Lou:  We’ve grown, so there has been a lot more animal intake and a lot more adoptions.


Thank you, Mary Lou, for your service to the shelter!

If you are thinking of volunteering or adopting a cat, dog or rabbit, please feel free to call the Friendship APL at 440.322.4321 and ask Mary Lou or any of our other staff or volunteers questions regarding which pet may be the pest companion for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Friendship APL!

Happy Holidays from Friendship APL