Thanks for Giving Raffle!


As the holidays approach, we want to be able to ensure that all our furry friends get their happily ever after.  This includes animals like Rocket, a lab puppy currently fight off the deadly parvovirus, and Gucci, a four-month-old kitten with a badly broken leg.

Rocket, waging a heroic battle against parvovirus

Gucci, a four-month-old kitten, has a broken leg that will require amputation

When animals that require extra TLC and medical care come in, we turn to YOU for help.

We want to say, “Thanks for Giving” this holiday season! But how can you give?  Why, by purchasing a $5 raffle ticket! Each ticket you buy is another chance to win $250 of lottery tickets. Who knows how much money you might win?

Our raffle runs from Friday, November 19th to 2pm on Tuesday, November 30th.  The winner will be announced LIVE on our Facebook page at 4pm on Tuesday, November 30th.