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Dino came to our shelter so skinny you could see and feel every bone in his body. His back legs were paralyzed.  His rear end was covered in sores from dragging his rear end. He was terrified. I cannot blame him for that. He was pulled out of whatever nightmare he had lived in for over a year. He was brought to a shelter full of unfamiliar sounds and smells.


We rushed him to Animal Clinic Northview to see if we could help him. It became clear within a week that it was going to take a lot longer for him to regain the use of his legs… if ever. A tech at Northview offered to foster him through his rehab. As weeks turned into months, laser therapy seemed to help but progress was minimal, but his personality blossomed. He is playful and happy in his foster home!


He still  drags his rear end. That will continue to cause sores. I began searching for a wheelchair for him to use. We are crossing our fingers, toes and paws to see if this will give him the mobility he needs to live a long, happy and healthy life! If you would like to donate to his wheelchair and therapy, text friendship to 41444 to donate online. Type Dino into the “In Honor of” portion of the form and you can bring a little happiness to a little dog in need of a lot of love!


Dino came to the shelter swaddled in a diaper after spending three days in a bath tub
Veterinarian at West Park examining Dino’s range of movement in his back legs.