Volunteer Feature of July 2017: Hyland Software

In a change of pace from our typical Q&A volunteer features, this month focuses on not one person, but a group of people. Specifically, some of the great folks at Hyland Software in Westlake, Ohio.  Every month, a group of employees from Hyland come out to walk dogs and socialize with our cats.  In the word’s of FAPL’s own Cathy B., “They are such rock stars!” noting that the group has scheduled volunteer outings through the end of the year.  “When they are here I can absolutely be sure that every dog in the shelter will get walked and socialized.  They are really a tight group who know exactly what they’re doing.”

What’s additionally great with the volunteers from Hyland Software is how we consistently get repeat helpers as well as new faces each month.  They are big fans of the shelter and keep coming back for more.  Cathy goes on to mention, “I think last time I had over 30 of them walking dogs and socializing with cats. I know at least three of them who fell in love with animals while they were here and actually adopted them.  That’s the gist of their awesomeness. They are also a very friendly corporate entity.”

There’s no mistaking the great culture that’s bred at Hyland Software.  They’re one of the top-rated employers to work for in the Greater Cleveland area and it’s obvious that the generous mentality that’s carried at their corporate level trickles down to their employees.  FAPL would like to extend a big thank you for their continuous assistance each month.  You are some incredible individuals and we appreciate it!