Staff Feature of March 2017: Becca

Friendship APL is reminiscent to a bee hive at times as its workers are always in motion carrying out one task or another. Not all of these staff are always visible to the public when they walk through our doors, however. One such staff member at FAPL is Becca, who spared a few minutes of her time to keep us up to speed on what she does behind the scenes.


Gregg:  Hi Becca!  You look pretty busy today.  What are some of the things you do here?

Becca:  Sometimes I help at the front, I also assist with shots and vaccinations of our resident animals, but usually TNR is my specialty.  That’s Trap-Neuter-Release.


Gregg:  Beside the obvious, what does TNR entail?

Becca:  Well we go out in Elyria and North Ridgeville and set traps for feral cats, collect them and take the animals to the vet to be spayed or neutered.  Then we release them.  This dramatically helps cut down the future feral cat population.


Gregg:  Why only those two cities?

Becca:  It’s a matter of organizing a team of people in each city to be able to conduct the TNR program effectively.  For instance, attempts are growing in the city of Lorain to have regular catch and release TNR efforts out there.  It just takes a bit to get things together to make it a fully functional and regular program in one town.


Gregg:  Interesting!  I assume this would somehow pertain to your interests and long-term goals

Becca:  Absolutely!  I love working with animals which is what brought me here in the first place almost three years ago.  The long-term plan is to be a veterinary tech, but for now, I really enjoy getting animals off the streets and adopted into great homes.  It’s very rewarding!

Becca with rehab resident Catty