Puppy Adoptions

Adopting Puppies

If you are interested in a puppy, they are available by pick-up ONLY. This means you cannot meet the puppy in advance. Approved adopters are invited to a private Facebook group where puppies will be posted.  All puppies are spayed or neutered, have a microchip, at least their first round of shots and have been given flea and tick repellent and a general dewormer.  The adoption paperwork is done online. Payment is also collected online.

The base adoption fee for a puppy is $250.  There is no additional fee for pick-up.

Pick-up MUST occur the day after the adoption is confirmed, or within 24hrs of the puppy’s posting to Facebook.  We cannot hold puppies past that timeframe.  Pick-up is before 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday.

In order to qualify for puppy adoption, you must send a completed adoption application to adoptions@friendshipapl.org.  The application can be found here: Adoption Application

If you are unable to type in the pdf, you can print, fill out by hand and send a picture of the completed application to adoptions@friendshipapl.org.