Pet Valu N. Ridgeville Celebrates with FAPL 1 Year Anniversary

by Gregg Senko

There are a lot of unsung heroes out there who contribute in various ways to Friendship APL. One of them is the North Ridgeville location of Pet Valu. The pet supply chain has seen a national boom in business opening a number of locations around the country. The North Ridgeville location celebrated its 1-year anniversary on June 10, 2017 and FAPL was there to take part.

Cathy (left) holds a sleepy Romeo while Pat (right) keeps an eye on a hiding Titan

Let’s not forget about what this particular location does for us though.  On pretty much a weekly basis they are contributing cat and dog food, cat and dog treats, kitty litter, toys and even the occasional rabbit or ferret cage to FAPL.  Their generosity is greatly appreciated, courtesy of their store manager, Andrea, who makes these donations possible.  So when it was mentioned they would have a little shindig for their customers honoring their 1st anniversary, we were there.

Titan peeks out from under the table

FAPL staff members Cathy and Beth took part in manning the FAPL table along with volunteers Pat and myself.  In addition, the dog-loving Cleveland-based online store Bone Appe-Treat was on hand as well.  Customers came and went as FAPL reps discussed adoption possibilities with them, in addition to showcasing two of our dogs, Titan and Romeo.  Both of these FAPL residents are extremely loving pooches looking for their forever home (not to mention they caught the attention and eye of many people passing through the Pet Valu doors).

Romeo catches some Zzz’s between customers at Pet Valu

If you’d like to pay a visit to the North Ridgeville location of Pet Valu, they can be found at 34282 Center Ridge Road across from the Giant Eagle shopping center.