Beat the Odds 50/50 Raffle


It’s the height of summer and the animals in need are coming through our doors every day.  Since Friendship APL doesn’t have a full-time veterinarian, many of these emergency cases have to be rushed to our partner vet clinics. For parvo-positive puppies like KJ and Merida, their individual veterinary bills will easily top $1000 each.  Other animals need more intensive care, like Spicy Pepper, a four-month-old kitten with TWO broken front legs.  Only one leg is salvageable and must remain in a cast, healing enough to allow amputation of his other shattered front leg.

We want to help this sick and injured animals beat the odds… and you can help, by PLAYING the odds.  Each $5 raffle ticket you purchase will not only increase your chance of winning, it’ll increase the amount you may win!

Tickets are on sale NOW! The raffle runs from Tuesday, 8/3 until Friday, 8/13 at 2pm. The winner will be selected via a drawing on  Facebook Live at 4pm on Friday, 8/13.

Wags to Riches Virtual Raffle