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Nova’s Adoption Story

When we first got the email about Nova needing a place to go, we weren’t sure there would be a family out there for her. Her previous family was moving and unfortunately, like most families looking to surrender their animals, the place they were moving to did not allow her to go with them. Nova was not just a typical pit-bull mix coming to our shelter looking for a home. 

You see, Nova had a rare illness that caused her jaw muscles to slowly degenerate. Masticatory Muscle Myositis is the name of the condition that had left Nova barely able to open her mouth. Imagine trying to promote a dog for adoption, when potential adopters can barely pronounce the condition that is affecting her! 

First thing first, was taking Nova to the vet to have her looked at and given any medication she may need to live a happy and healthy life! It can be hard to find a home and committed adopter/family for a dog that may need medication for the rest of their life. Regardless, we were dedicated to making sure Nova found that special person, because she was a special dog. 

For two months Nova waited in her kennel, eagerly hoping that every day someone would choose her. She quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. Nova made sure that whenever she passed the toy bin, one ended up in her mouth. Her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth, a result of her condition, but to everyone it just made her even cuter! Nova waited patiently at the shelter, and at one point came down with a cold that resulted in her taking a trip to the vet. Even after not finding a home, being on medication and not feeling well, Nova still was in good spirits and always loved being cuddly with everyone she met. Nova gave the sweetest kisses and walked so nicely for the volunteers. She even got to go off site a couple times, on trips to the park or for an ice cream cone.

On November 6th, a wonderful couple walked through our doors and specifically asked to see Nova. They had been watching our social media posts about her and were captivated by her story. Nova quickly charmed this couple, wowing them with her sweet and social personality. They were prepared to take Nova, even knowing she may need medication for her entire life. Nova walked out of the shelter, with a toy in her mouth, and never looked back!

We were able to follow up with Nova’s adopters and they have provided a wonderful update on her! Read their update below:

"Nova is such a special pup. It didn't take long at all for her to adjust to home life again or our schedules. At her first vet appointment they said she was underweight at 38 pounds and also had a small case of hook worms. Getting her to take her medication was no problem as she gobbles up her food. She has put back on some much needed weight and you can no longer see her ribs or spine. She's on a soupy slurry of kibble per her vet and seems to just love it. Nova can't get enough cuddles and loving in that's for sure. She got to experience her first winter camping trip and absolutely loved it! I can't wait to take her on more camping adventures. Nova absolutely loves her toys and must take them everywhere. She is super good with our friends and even met a few dog friends and did amazing. So incredibly happy we get to have Nova in our lives to spoil the world out of."

Friendship APL

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