Nebula’s story



On a cold day in February 2021, a good Samaritan brought a bedraggled, injured seven-month-old kitten to Friendship APL. The kitten, later named Nebula, was dragging a previously injured back leg and struggling to breathe.  In fact, the kitten needed to be nebulized almost immediately to ease her congestion. (This was actually the inspiration for her name!)

Nebula was transferred to West Park Animal Hospital for further evaluation and TLC.  There, she recovered from a severe upper respiratory infection and had her leg amputated. In spite of her injuries, Nebula retained a sweet demeanor.  Her resilience was inspirational.

This loving lady was placed in an equally loving foster home to finish recuperating.  Nebula was much spoiled and beloved by her foster home. In time, Nebula was able to come back to the shelter for a chance at her forever home.  After an almost two month journey, Nebula was lucky enough to find her person!