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Lakewood Beagles Come to FAPL!

Picture taken by local news station of several beagles outside.

The “Lakewood Beagle” case has been a hot topic in our local animal welfare community for the last couple of weeks. For those of you who may not be familiar with the case, Lakewood PD had been receiving multiple complaints about a terrible smell/deplorable conditions at a house in Lakewood. On December 20th, after numerous complaints, they were able to execute a search warrant, to which the police officers were shocked to discover 42 beagles living inside of the home. The conditions were so bad, the home was deemed inhabitable and the beagles were seized by Lakewood Animal Control. As you can imagine, unexpectedly taking in 42 beagles is never something a shelter can be prepared for. Lakewood Animal Control was filled to the brim with beagles, low on supplies to care for the incoming dogs and stuck in limbo until the case went to court. 

In court cases involving animals, until a decision in court has been made, the animals must remain at the shelter. This is because technically speaking, the dogs still belonged to the owner of the home they were taken from. Friendship APL Director Greg Willey is a lover of all animals, but has a particular soft spot for beagles. When word broke about the case involving the seizure of beagles, he immediately reached out looking to offer help to Lakewood Animal Control. Luckily, on Friday, January 6th the owner of the beagles pleaded guilty to multiple counts of animal cruelty. The guilty plea awarded all of the beagles to Lakewood Animal Control, which ultimately gave the beagles a chance to look for new homes! 

Friendship APL offered a helping hand, and transferred a total of 27 beagles into our care! That’s right, we will have a total of 27 beagles available for adoption, all who are deserving a second chance in a loving home! Before the beagles are available for adoption, they will receive any necessary vet care and they will be spayed/neutered. Our hope is that these beagles will never have to suffer again. We hope they will go off into wonderful homes and learn what it means to be a dog again. 

If you are interested in any of the beagles listed below, they will be posted to our website as they become available. We will not place any holds on any of the beagles in advance. Once they are posted as available, if you are interested, please come to our shelter during our open hours of Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm. No appointment is necessary. We are expecting these beagles will generate a significant response, which is why we ask that you just come to our shelter instead of calling/emailing. 

Supporters like you are what give us the ability to help other rescues and animals in need! Without your donations, we would not be able to medically care for 27 beagles. We would not be able to spay/neuter them, or advocate for their adoptions. We cannot say thank you to our supporters enough! If you would like to donate and continue to support our mission please go to the following link:

Friendship APL

Friendship APLWe are a private, independent, non-profit humane society founded in Elyria, Ohio. We proudly own and operate the largest animal shelter in Lorain County.

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