Hope for Six, Come Back with Seven

November 14th saw FAPL Executive Director Greg Willey take a trip down to the Richland County Dog Shelter.  A previous article mentioned the facility’s spaciousness and resulting ability to house so many stray and surrendered pooches.  At the same time it is always ideal for a dog’s stay in such a place to be as minimal on time as possible.  That’s why Señor Willey and two volunteers made the trip to obtain six dogs to bring back in an effort to actively find them good homes.


Denny is eager for the camera and he’s still looking for a home.

FAPL’s large transport van will comfortably hold six travel kennels of varying sizes.  It is always our intent to first find dogs that are the most readily adoptable by reviewing their behavior and any available history.  Second, we try and maximize the capacity of those six kennels.  Now writing has always been my preference over math, but this was one time 6 = 7 made sense.  Let me explain.

Friendship APL

Midnight’s stay at FAPL was short as someone scooped up this lovable Lab-mix.

After a thorough review of all the animals present, it was deemed that there were seven dogs that would all have great potential for finding a great home quickly at the FAPL shelter.  Notice that problem though?  Six cages.  Seven dogs.  Oh the humanity.  Not so fast though!  With one of the dogs, Taz, being the tiny Yorkie that he was, easily fit on my lap for the return trip.  Viola Six cages occupied, dog #7 rode shotgun with me.


The recently adopted Taz

As of this writing, we are proud to say nearly all seven found homes in less than a week since their pick-up from Richland.  It’s just another badge of honor the shelter proudly wears in connecting good pets with their human companions.  Otis, whose picture isn’t shown here, is another black Lab-mix who, along with Denny (shown at the top) are still waiting for their people counterparts to discover them.  Whether it is Denny, Otis or any of the other dogs, cats or rabbits that suit your fancy, please stop in to see who can complete your family.  Even if it’s just to look, we welcome your visit at the Friendship APL!


Jack found his forever home on 11/19/16.