FAPL Offers Dog Training Classes

While it is a great thing to pair a homeless dog with a loving family, it is another to actually help that family train their new four-legged family member. There are multiple cogs in the process of getting an animal adopted.  It can start from getting them out of an unfavorable environment, but it doesn’t always end with the the adoption itself.  Sometimes the new dog is just a little to wily for his or her new home.  For the humans, it can be frustrating dealing with a pooch that’s operating on overdrive and not adhering to commands.  If you’re looking for help, search no more.  Friendship APL is offering training classes for you and your dog!

FAPL’s resident dog whisperer, Don Hitchens, has over 20 years experience working with canines.  One of his many résumé highlights is training Friendship APL dogs at the Grafton Correctional Institute, which allows previously difficult-to-adopt dogs (too shy or maybe a bit hyper) to get acclimated to their human counterparts and listening to commands.  Don is more than proficient in a number of training styles and will help you teach your dog in a variety of areas.

Teach Your Dog To:

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Lie down
  • and more!

Classes are 6 weeks for $125 involving basic obedience and socialization.  To sign up or schedule an appointment with Don Hitchens, please call 440-322-4321 (ext. 22) or email humane@frienshipapl.org.


For a glimpse of Don at work, check out the video below: