Cat Scratch-Off Fever: a Lotto Raffle to Benefit Ditto & Friends






The temperature’s climbing and Friendship APL has a fever: Cat Scratch-Off Fever!  Starting Thursday, July 15th and continuing until 2pm on Friday, July 23rd, Friendship APL will be selling $5 tickets for a chance to win $250 of scratch-off lottery tickets!  The proceeds from this raffle will help cover the medical costs of some of our recent furry friends in need.

Over the past few weeks, Friendship APL has been asked to help some critically injured animals; animals like Ditto, a tiny orange tabby. He currently is fighting for his life at a partner vet. He was so ravaged by fleas that he is anemic. His weakened body is simultaneously battling a raging infection from his badly broken leg.  We’re not sure if Ditto will make it, but he deserves the best chance we can give him.

Aretha is another teensy kitten who was brought to Friendship APL with a crushed leg and subsequent infection.  Her leg was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated.  Aretha is still at the vet recovering from her surgery.

We’re helping dogs in need too.  Corey, a young bully breed puppy, was diagnosed with the life-threatening parvovirus.  His veterinary bill is extensive but thanks to that expert vet care, he’s been able to start his recovery in a loving foster home.

Every day, Friendship APL receives requests to help animals like Ditto, Aretha and Corey.  We want to keep offering care to those animals in distress and we can’t do that without your help.  Please consider purchasing a $5 raffle ticket to benefit our animals in need.