Friendship APL Art Auction

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On January 20, 2021, the humane officers at Friendship APL seized over 50 animals, many of whom were in dire straits.  Our staff spent that night, and many nights afterward, rushing litter after litter to area clinics for emergency medical treatment. Some of the puppies were so sick with parvovirus that, despite our best efforts, they did not survive.

After much hard work and the efforts of our staff, volunteers and the staff at Northview Animal Clinic, Porter Pet Hospital, Bretton Ridge and West Park Animal Hospitals, these dogs were able to get a second chance at life.  Before we sent them off to their forever homes, we had a painting party to express the wiggly joy embodied by each recovered puppy and mama dog.

You have a chance to own a part of their legacy AND support Friendship APL so we can continue to help animals in need.