A Pig Out of Place

Gordon roams his playground of hay while in foster care.

Felines and canines are the mainstay of Friendship APL.  Obviously, we see more of them come through our doors than any other animals.  Since these are statistically the two most common pets, it makes sense.  Still, we don’t turn a blind eye to other animals in need.  There’s usually at least one rabbit staying at FAPL and in January we even had a ferret for a few days before she found her forever home.  In the latest scenario of an uncommon pet needing common care is the case of Gordon.

Gordon is a 3-year old, personable pot-bellied pig who FAPL found out about recently.  He has had a bit of a hot-potato life thus far.  He was with one person, then put on Craig’s List, found by another individual who then contacted her mother who took on the affectionate farm animal.  While the best of intentions were there to care for Gordon (he is neutered), he just wasn’t living in a regular pig environment.  His human caretakers at the home were aware that Gordon was just too big, even for a pig, and he needed to lose weight.  They simply wanted him to have a life he was more deserving of so they made the call to Friendship.

Transferred from the home via dog crate, we soon discovered Gordon is quite the friendly swine and very much enjoys having his belly rubbed.  Currently, this intelligent critter is residing at a foster home and is doing well.  If you’re familiar with caring for pigs, have the proper environment to raise one and are looking to provide a great home for one, Gordon could be your match.


Please contact FAPL at 440.322.4321 for more information or click here.